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  • All sessions have 30 minutes added to the time for therapist to clean room and complete paperwork. (Example: 30 minute session needs 60 minutes open on the schedule; 60 min needs 90 min; 90 min needs 120 min)

To schedule a session or purchase a gift card (directions below) online, click the link below to open the MindBody Online program:

Book Now   OR   Buy Gift Card

(Gift Cards: more detailed instructions listed below)

This program allows you to schedule a session online 24/7, purchase a Gift Card, see your history, and even prepay or autopay.


Click the Contact Me link to send me an email and Sign Up for Articles, Events and Newsletters


Call the office (715) 861-7177.

How to Purchase Gift Cards   (You do not need to create a Log In to purchase a gift card, follow the steps below.)

  1. Click the Buy Gift Card link.
  2. Click the ONLINE STORE Tab
  3. Click the Gift Cards Tab
  4. In the Which gift card would you like? drop down, select the gift you would like or the Custom
  5. Complete the fields as indicated (If purchasing for yourself, enter yourself as To, From, & Recipients full name).
  6. Click Preview Gift Card and review for accuracy.  Click Purchase.
  7. You may change the number of gift cards you would like to purchase for that person.
  8. To purchase a gift card for another person: click the Gift Cards tab again or the Continue Shopping link.
  9. At Checkout, click Log In as Guest or Checkout allows you to create a Log in or enter your Log in information.

At time of scheduling a session, Please indicate you have this gift card in the Notes section.

At the session, Please bring your Gift Card email and/or the Gift Card number listed.

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